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Our Financial Accounting solution has been designed by keeping in view of all types of requirement which are required to make your company information easily available to your desk by click of your computer mouse. This software covers all the mandatory legal document as required by daily, monthly, quarterly and annually  period. Financial Accounting in itself further embed following modules

1. Trial Groups/Ledgers Handling
2. General Ledger Heads
3. Sundry Debtors Heads
4. Sundry Creditors Heads
5. All Expense/Other Misc. Accounting Heads  
6. Journal voucher double Entry system
7. Cash Receipt/Payment  Voucher single Entry system
8. Bank Deposit/Withdrawal  Voucher Single Entry system
9. Imprest/Petty Cash Handling  Voucher Entry system
10. Freight/Misc if any required Voucher Entry system
11. Days Books (Journal/Cash/Bank/Sales/Purchase/Imprest etc.
12. Statement of Account(Single & Multiple Accountheads/Ledgers)
13. Monthly/Quarterly/Anually TDS Statement
14. Monthly/Quarterly/Anually TCS Statement
15. Monthly/Quarterly/Anually VAT Statement
16. Monthly/Quarterly/Anually Excise Statement
17. Monthly/Quarterly Income/Expense Analysis
18. MIS(Standard/Customise) Information System)
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